Audi A6 Ultra confirmed for Australia

In the market for new large luxury car that uses 4.4L/100km and has 400Nm of torque? Meet the new Audi A6 Ultra.
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Audi's ultra-efficient new A6 (pardon the pun) has been confirmed for Australia, and is scheduled to arrive in 2015.

The A6 Ultra is available in sedan and Avant (wagon) body styles, powered by a 2.0-litre turbo diesel four-cylinder with 120kW of power and the aforementioned 400Nm of torque from 1750-3000rpm. Audi claims an acceleration time of 8.2 seconds for the sedan and 8.5sec for the wagon, with the sedan sipping the headline-grabbing 4.4L/100km and the Avant using a claimed 4.6L.


It's unclear whether the car will be sold in Australia in both sedan and wagon form, but what's certain is that it will be fitted with a seven-speed dual-clutch S tronic gearbox as standard.

There are also a number of A4 and A5 Ultra variants - all of which utilise a 2.0-litre turbo diesel in varied states of tune, consuming between 3.9L and 4.4L/100km - but those cars won't be sold here as they are only available with manual transmissions.