Holden doesn't like the Ford Mondeo

Holden are still a little bitter about the negative publicity the Holden Epica has caused, so to attract some attention elsewhere, they have taken a stab at Ford and the new Ford Mondeo. Holden believes the new Mondeo is doomed to failure due to its high price.
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At the launch of the Epica, which incidentally is replacing the the European (Opel-built) Vectra, a move which Ford has still refused todo. Holden's marketing director John Elsworth was a little burnt when discussing the new Mondeo

"We tested the market with an expensive mid-sized model and it didn’t work".

Holden believes that Australian's are not willing to pay for quality European cars, and would much rather prefer to buy the cheaper Korean made alternative, whilst this may be true, it doesn't mean the Ford Mondeo will be a flop.

Expect more news on the Ford Mondeo in the upcoming days, there has been little word from Ford regarding the pricing or Australian specifications for the Mondeo, however we do know it will land sometime in October.