Kia's chief designer says the Korean brand is more likely to produce the four-door Kia GT concept before it brings out a production ready version of the two-door Kia GT4 Stinger that was unveiled at this month's Detroit motor show.
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Speaking with CarAdvice in Detroit, Kia president and chief design officer Peter Schreyer admitted the four-door GT car is the more likely candidate to reach showrooms first.


“The four-door [is more likely to go into production],” Schreyer started, “because the four-door has already been shown some time ago, so maybe at the moment its chances are the better one…

"It’s not a question of this or the other. This is now another phase, we are now two years since the four-door has been shown.”


Schreyer said even if the Stinger was given the green light straight away it would take a few years to make the transition to production car.


At last year’s Geneva motor show, Kia Europe vice president of marketing and product planning Benny Oeyen told British publication Auto Express the Kia GT was on the verge of being given the green light.

“The GT is close to being approved and going into production, but, as with all our cars, they have to be developed on a sound financial footing.”

Schreyer himself further hinted of the car's production-ready status to CarAdvice.


He denied suggestions the Kia GT and Stinger would follow Hyundai’s model of having a four-door Genesis sedan and a two-door Genesis coupe, even if Kia's versions share underpinnings and technology with the Genesis pair.

“[They are both] based on the same technical background but they have nothing to do with each other, and can’t compare with the Genesis at all.”

The two-door Stinger sports car concept can be “put into production [almost] the way it is” according to Schreyer, admitting that the headlights might have some legal limitations.


The German designer is also quick to point out that the concept was designed with a roadster version in mind.

“We wanted to make a little sports car, so now finally we are allowed to try one out and I think that something like this would have potential as a product and it would suit very well to our product range and make the product range a but more spicy and give it more character. I could even imagine a little roadster.”

Which car should Kia put into production first: the two-door Stinger or the GT concept?