Ford G6 - Ford G6E

Thanks to one of our readers, we've stumbled across a little secret from Ford. Ford Australia recently registered the trademarks "Falcon G6" and "Falcon G6E". Obviously the name of an upcoming variant of the 2008 Falcon.
2008 Ford Falcon Orion
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It is hard to speculate what the G6 would be, will ford drop the XR series name? Highly unlikely. Perhaps the G6 range is a new model variant? And the G6E? Does the stand for Luxury? Or is ford going to shock us all with a hybrid falcon? Or maybe the G6 will be for the ute?

Also a possibility that Ford have decided to scrap the XR6 name for the non turbo model and instead calling the current XR6 a G6 whilst the XR6 turbo retains its name?

Thanks to Damien for the tip. Have you got some news we should know about? Email us.