BMW M235i driverless drift video

BMW has released a video of its experimental automated driving system at work, including footage of a new 2 Series drifting without any driver input.
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The video of the BMW M235i coupe on track goes beyond showing the car safely driving itself in a contained manner, instead showing the prototype vehicle autonomously reacting to on-limit driving situations.

BMW first released information about the automated M235i yesterday, claiming the technology was capable of piloting the car through various obstacles, including a high-speed slalom. The footage certainly proves the claim.

The video shows a stern-looking 'passenger' sliding around the driver's seat as the car drives itself around a number of obstacles. After pressing a button on the car's dash, the driver is shown removing his foot from the accelerator, taking his hands off the wheel, and sitting back while the 2 Series does all the work.

The system’s ability to turn at full lock is demonstrated, with the car maintaining a controlled slide across a damp section of the track, before correcting itself and gradually coming to a complete stop.

Besides giving fans their first glimpse of an ultimate self-driving machine, it also serves to show the new 2 Series in motion. Due in Australia from next month, the 2 Series replaces the old 1 Series coupe range, following BMW’s system of assigning its coupes and convertibles even-number model designations.