Nissan 370Z: US man sells testicle to buy sports car

A US man is literally selling his left one to get behind the wheel of a new Nissan 370Z.

Mark Parisi announced on The Doctors program on CBS he plans to sell one of his testicles for medical research for US$35,000 ($38,600), which he intends to spend on a 370Z sports car.

The price is the standard going rate set by the American medical industry for donations of this nature, and ensures Parisi will have enough funds for an entry-level US$29,990 ($33,000) Nissan 370Z coupe.

With US$5K change, Parisi also has the luxury of purchasing some options – though we’re guessing the firmer Nismo-tuned performance suspension may not be the first box he ticks…



In production since 2009, the Nissan 370Z is powered by a 245kW/363Nm 3.7-litre V6.

Earlier this month, Nissan Australia slashed 370Z prices, cutting almost $13K from the entry-level coupe, which now costs from $56,930.