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Yamaha MOTIV.e city car revealed

The Yamaha MOTIV.e electric city car has been unveiled, showcasing the result of the collaboration between the Japanese motor company and Gordon Murray Design.
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The Yamaha MOTIV.e electric vehicle follows on from Gordon Murray's own T.25 and T.27 city cars, and claims to offer “ground-breaking manufacturing and materials technology” based on the McLaren F1 designer's iStream concept.

Measuring 2.6m long, and 1.4m wide and tall, the MOTIV.e’s 730kg body is clothed in a Formula One-inspired composite plastic shell, which Yamaha and Murray claim is both rigid and environmentally friendly.


The car is built upon a steel frame, and uses all independent suspension and 15-inch wheels to “deliver new levels of ride and handling”.

The MOTIV.e is powered by a 15kW motor (capable of 25kW in short bursts), and uses a 7.2kWh battery. Despite the meagre power output, the city car also produces 658Nm of torque (with an 896Nm peak) - only 4Nm less than that generated by the V12-powered Mercedes S63 AMG, which weighs approximately three times as much as the MOTIV.e.


Yamaha claims the MOTIV.e has a top speed of more than 105km/h, and completes the 0-100km/h benchmark in less than 15 seconds. It also says the car has a real-world range of more than 160km.

The Yamaha MOTIV.e is on display at the Tokyo motor show.