Nissan 3E: Google Glass rival teased

The Nissan 3E web-enabled eye display has been teased in another expression of the Japanese car maker's experimentation with non-automotive technologies.
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While a teaser video gives us a preview of the technology, few details been released about the Nissan 3E at this stage. Information from the device, which is worn over the user's left eye, is projected onto a glass film and extends out of the 3E’s frame - unlike Google Glass, which covers the entire face and projects information over the user's right eye.

Although the sort of information the 3E will display is not yet known, assuming it is like Google Glass, it will be a handsfree device with web-browsing capabilities.


Despite 3E having been developed by a car maker, web-enable eyewear has hit a number of legislative challenges on its path to being allowed to be worn by motorists. The UK has banned the use of Glass while driving, and a Californian woman was recently fined for driving while using the device.

Mercedes announced earlier this year it believed technologies such as Google Glass could be used to complement drivers only after driving had ceased.

The 3E is not Nissan’s first foray into high-tech gadgetry. In September, Nissan revealed the Nismo watch, a rival for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. That watch displayed ‘biometric’ information about the user’s Nissan vehicle, so presumably the 3E will pick up from where the Nismo left off.

Nissan 3E will be shown in full at the Tokyo motor show next week, alongside the recently revealed BladeGlider concept.