BMW Alpina D3 twin turbo

The new BMW Alpina D3 draws on a heritage dating back to 1961 and is set to provide owners with an unbeatable combination of performance and economy.
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The exclusive sedan is an evolution of the acclaimed D3 Coupe and utlises a modified twin-turbo diesel engine developing 160kW.

Capable of 0-100 times of 6.9 seconds the Alpina D3 can manage a top speed of 244km/h. The fuel economy is also quite remarkable at 4.49 litres per 100km with C02 emissions at just 143g/km (combined - manual transmission).

"The previous model D3 was one of our most successful cars ever. We believe we really hit the spot in terms of performance, exclusivity and price," said John Quigley, Managing Director of Alpina. "But the new car is even better than the previous model in all the key areas; performance is improved, yet both fuel economy and – crucially – emissions are reduced. Around half of D3 sales will be to business users – who will relish any opportunity to lower their personal benefit in kind charges."