Mercedes-Benz to offer Google Glass navigation app

Mercedes-Benz says it will offer a Google Glass-based navigation app once the technology becomes widely available.
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Speaking to industry journal Automotive News Europe, Mercedes-Benz North American research and development head Johann Jungwirth said the German manufacturer has developed a navigation app that will merge driving with “digital living”.

Discussed in an earlier phase of development in July, the car maker’s Google Glass system will be able to guide drivers to their car, transfer a destination address to the car's navigation system and continue guidance, if required, once drivers leave the vehicle.

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Using the unit’s existing voice-activated controls, Mercedes-Benz intends to expand its app to offer drivers access to information from smartphones, computers and other electronic storage devices.

Jungwirth also said Google Glass-based infotainment applications might be added in future, but did not elaborate. These, however, would likely relate to music, e-mail, social media and live traffic updates.

Pre-empting concerns regarding the technology's use in cars – though any such laws are yet to be introduced – Jungwirth said, "We obviously don't want people using Google Glass when they drive."

Currently undergoing its ‘Explorer’ testing program, with no price or release date officially confirmed, Google Glass glasses are speculated to launch in 2014 at a cost of around US$1500 ($1580).

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