An automated drive-through vehicle refuelling system has been unveiled at a US petroleum convention, making hands-free in-car refuelling possible.
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Developed by the US Husky Corporation and Stolkholm-based Fuelmatics AB, the automatic refuelling system debuted before industry heavyweights of the petroleum, convenience store, and service station industries at the 2013 Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

The auto-filling unit works by first locating and opening the fuel filler cap with a suction cup, then inserting one of three nozzles into the vehicle's fuel neck through a capless filler insert – a feature that is becoming more common in new cars – then begins fuelling. Once the tank is full or filled to the desired level, fuelling stops automatically via a vacuum-based shut-off system.


The unit’s makers say the system reduces refuelling time by 30 per cent.

Fuelmatics founder Sten Corfitsen said it's faster, cleaner, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly with no vapour or spill.

"No one likes to refuel. It's a necessity,” Corfitsen said.

“But our product eliminates some of the hassle. The Fuelmatics system makes self-service refuelling obsolete."

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