Sweden to be oil free by 2030

Sweden's government, who had previously announced the country would be oil free by 2020, today says it has deferred that goal by another 10 years.
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The country has invested heavily in renewable fuels in recent times which is noticeable, to us at least, by such vehicles as the SAAB 9-5 BioPower we reviewed last year.

By 2030 Sweden aims to have all vehicles able to run on renewable fuels - such as ethanol - or on clean electricity.

The majority of Sweden's domestic and industrial power is already sourced from nuclear and renewable means with domestic heating sourced from industrial waste energy and geothermal heat.

This shows the country's enterprise in other sectors but not so in the transport industry which is, for now, still heavily dependent on oil.

A move to renewable fuels or clean electricity within two decades therefore may seem like a bit of a leap, but with a government so willing to invest in forcing vehicular products to comply with its goals it would seem the future of motoring could to a large degree come from the Swedes.

Question is, will SAAB and Volvo survive long enough for the plans to bear fruit? Only time will tell.