Ken Block parodied by 'Ken Box' and Crazy Cart

American gymkhana wizard Ken Block has been affectionately parodied in a new video by the makers of a children's toy dubbed the Crazy Cart.
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Inspired by Ken Block's Gymkhana 5 drifting in San Francisco video, a team from Razor – the people behind the slide-happy Crazy Cart – decided to take to a company warehouse and film the first-ever 'Ken Box' video.

In a statement attached to the YouTube clip, those involved said, "We are such huge fans of the original videos that we just had to make one of our own".


With two 12-volt lead-acid batteries, a top speed of 19km/h and a "drift bar", Razor says the Crazy Cart features "adjustable caster technology" to help its driver perform sideways-style sliding tricks. It also claims 40 minutes of continuous use off a 12-hour charge.

Rather than being offended by the parody, perhaps Block should keep in mind that imitation, it is said, is the sincerest form of flattery – even if it appears his Ford Fiesta has the rear end of his former Subaru Impreza.