Volkswagen XL1 to cost over $150K

Volkswagen has raised eyebrows in Europe by announcing its new hybrid Volkswagen XL1 will wear an unexpectedly high price tag of around 100,000 pounds (A$167K).
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"It’s not a definite price at this stage but we’re probably looking at around £100,000," Volkswagen UK press and public relations manager Kate Thompson told CarAdvice.

The production version of the super-efficient, diesel-electric hybrid comes with two seats and a 35kW two-cylinder diesel engine paired with a 20kW electric motor.

Volkswagen XL16

Power is delivered to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Part of the high price is down to VW’s use of exotic materials and new technology, such as its carbonfibre chassis and body panels.

The rest is probably due to sheer exclusivity – only 50 XL1s have been built so far, and Volkswagen has confirmed only 250 are scheduled to be built, and for the European market only.

Volkswagen XL18

Its claimed fuel economy of 0.91L/100km and emissions of 20g/km of CO2 also make the XL1 the world’s most-fuel-efficient production car.

German tabloid publication Bild also reports that Volkswagen has a performance version of the XL1 in the works, that swaps the hybrid powertrain with a more potent 142kW V-twin from the Ducati 1199 Panigale motorcycle.