Nissan Juke customers will have the opportunity to personalise their cars with a number of customisation packages within months as Nissan Australia looks to make its quirky compact crossover even more of a standout.
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Currently, only the badges distinguish the entry-level Juke ST from the flagship Ti-S variant from the outside, with all three models even sharing the same 17-inch alloy wheels.

But Nissan Australia executive general manager of marketing Peter Clissold told CarAdvice the company has a few ideas up its sleeve for customers wanting their Juke to stand out from the crowd.

“We had a couple of vehicles on display for our dealers just last week for the national dealer meeting that included some degree of customisation,” Clissold said.

“We were doing that to judge the interest, and dealers were very interested in that, so we’ll have not too long after the start of sales a couple of different option packs available for dealers to install that will allow customers to have some degree of personalisation.

“It’s a car that begs for it.”


While keen to keep the details of the option packages under wraps, Clissold said specially painted wheels and side mirrors and a rear spoiler would form part of the soon-to-launch packs.

Nissan currently offers a roof spoiler as an $805 option, as well as front and rear kick plates inside the doors ($415), and chrome strips along the side skirts ($375) and tailgate ($285) on a basic accessories list.

While the Nismo performance sub-division remains unconfirmed for our market at this stage, Clissold believes the Juke Nismo (above) would be a “great candidate” to form part of an initial local line-up, adding even more design flair to the range.

“We’ve got a lot of new products to show customers and dealers over the next several months,” he said.

“Once we get through that we can start to think about Nismo. [Juke] would certainly be a candidate, as would 370Z or even Pulsar, so Nismo will have its brand and it’s touch on a number of different Nissan vehicles… [Juke] would be a great candidate.”

CarAdvice attended the Australian launch of the Nissan Juke in Melbourne this week. Stay tuned for our review when the embargo lifts tomorrow.