These computer-generated images represent an accurate depiction of the new Ford Mustang due in 2015, according to one of the muscle car's most famous fan sites.
- shares says the renderings are based on a combination of both CAD (computer-aided design) images of the actual car and spy photos.

Ford Mustang rendering front

If the portrayals prove to be realistic, it means it will be an evolutionary rather than revolutionary design change for the Ford Mustang that will be sold officially in Australia when released.

The new Mustang will be revealed in December, according to various sources.

The proportions of the Mustang86 car certainly correspond with the shape suggested by prototypes caught earlier this year, despite heavy cladding.

The belated globalisation of the Ford Mustang, being offered in right-hand drive for its next generation, is reflected in the new trapezoidal grille that will bring the 'Pony car' into line with other worldwide Fords such as the Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo (Fusion is US).

2014 Mustang

A more dramatic change underneath will see the Mustang switch from using a live rear axle to independent suspension that should bring a marked improvement in both ride and handling.

Ford Australia finally confirmed in August that it would import the new Mustang, as the company seeks an expanded line-up to compensate for the loss of the locally built Falcon and Territory that will cease production in October 2016.