2013 World Solar Challenge claimed by Dutch team

The 2013 World Solar Challenge has been won by a team from The Netherlands, with its solar-powered racer crossing the line more than 100km ahead of its nearest rival.
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The Dutch Nuon Solar Team took victory ahead of the Japanese Tokai University team by successfully covering the 3000km from Darwin to Adelaide in its Nuna7 race car in just over 33 hours.

Coming into its final control stop in Port Augusta 32 minutes ahead of the Tokai Challenger, the Nuna7 recorded an average speed of 90.71km/h over the four days of competition.

The win, made official at a trophy presentation in Adelaide, marks the team’s fifth in seven attempts.

Nuon Solar Team - 1

Fellow Dutch competitor Solar Team Twente claimed third place ahead of the top-ranked Australian entrant, Team Arrow, in seventh.

Comprised of students from the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) who suspend their studies to build the solar car, the Nuon Solar Team members are sourced from a variety of engineering disciplines including electrical, aerospace, industrial design and mechanical along with those studying applied physics and applied mathematics.

Showing their penchant for the advancement of innovative technology, TU Delft students made it into the record books earlier this month by setting a new EV acceleration world record.

This year's World Solar Challenge brought together 42 teams from 24 countries to take on the harsh Australian climate in what is the world’s largest solar electric vehicle event. This year's race was also the first to require the use of four-wheeled solar cars.