Push to extend double-demerit point program

Assistant Commissioner (Traffic) Ken Lay has proposed re-introducing the double-demerit point program in Victoria next Christmas, claiming it has worked wonders in reducing the road toll in other states.
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The statistics behind this move however indicate a possible 63,000 drivers in Victoria with 10 or more demerit points are at risk of losing their licences.
More than 31,000 drivers are on 12-plus demerit points and face immediate suspension with another 9950 are on 11 points, while more than 21,000 have racked up 10.

The figures do not include almost 10,000 suspended drivers who will have carry-over demerit points when they get their licences back.

Drivers who exceed 12 points are given an option of handing over their licence for three months. Those who decide to chance it risk losing their licence for six months for any indiscretions in the following 12 months.

More than 2300 P-platers are on 12 or more points with almost 7000 learners having demerit points.

Mr Lay said double penalty points could help cut the road toll.

"We need to find something that bites," Mr Lay said. "It's difficult to say that because it works in New South Wales and Western Australia it will work in Victoria. If we believe it can, we will be going to the government to have this talk."

A spokesman for Roads Minister Tim Pallas said the State Government was committed to reviewing fines and penalties, but it had not yet considered re-introducing the double-demerit point program.

A final decision will be made within a fortnight.

Source: Herald-Sun