Toyota making an even smaller car?

As if the Toyota Yaris was not small enough, the design team at Toyota are working on an even smaller car:
Toyota MicoCar Concept
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The car is set to go display at this Septembers Frankfurt International Auto Show (the car above the European version of the Yaris named the Aygo).

Said to be just under 3 meters long, the new baby Toyota will have a rather unique 3+1 seating arrangement. The idea will give enough space for 3 adults and one child, essentially its has 3.5 seats.

Not much details is available regarding the exact positions of the seats, but as Winding Road reports, it makes sense to assume that seats will be laid out in a diamond pattern, with the driver sitting in front and the two full-size passengers sitting behind.

Reports suggest the concept will lead to a production model to begin selling next year, no reports as to whether or not Australia will get their hands on the car, however if we do it will be priced (and speced) below the Toyota Yaris.

The microcar will have little competition if it arrives in Australia and with the small car market growing at a respectable rate, Toyota Australia might find a business case for this car.