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by Matt Brogan

Following the closure of his dealership a week earlier, Pennsylvania car dealer Gregory Graham died of a heart attack while torching new vehicles that remained on his lot.

Graham set to task by smashing windows on 12 new cars, placing rolled newspaper and petrol on the front passenger seat, then went car-to-car striking a match. Four flaming cars drew firefighters to the dealership. Graham’s body was discovered on the ground beside the fourth vehicle.

It was concluded that Graham, 61, died of a heart attack while he was burning the vehicles at his dealership in Ligonier, about 65km southeast of Pittsburgh.

Graham was a third-generation dealer selling Buick, Pontiac and Jeep vehicles. His grandfather, Albert, started Graham Colonial Motors in the 1920s. Graham’s father, Charles, later took over.


The dealership owed more than US$420,000 in 2008 federal tax liens and more than Us$11,000 in county property-tax liens, according to court records.