When we attended the Press Launch of the new Honda Insight a couple of weeks back, mention was made that the pricing was to be competitive to that of Toyota's Prius.
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But upon release of the official US pricing this morning we can see that the Insight has undercut its main competitor by more than 10 per cent.

American Honda Motor Company said today that the five-door Insight will have a base list price of $20,470 ($31,670 AUD), some $2,250 less than the Toyota Prius, which starts at $22,720 ($35,155 AUD).

If we apply the equation relative to Prius' current Australian pricing, this should mean an RRP of $33,920 for the Insight (base spec) when pricing is officially released here.

US Honda spokesman Chris Martin said the company aims to sell 90,000 Insights in the United States in the first 12 months after its March 24 showroom debut.