Volkswagen Golf VI gets P-plate okay in NSW

When Volkswagen's all new Golf VI hit the showrooms, Australia's illogical blanket ban on turbocharged and supercharged cars for P-platers made the car illegal to drive if you held a probationary licence.
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Volkswagen pounced at the chance to curb this issue and held a meeting with the Road Traffic Authority in New South Wales.

Karl Gehling, General Manager Press and PR for Volkswagen Group Australia told CarAdvice:

"We have recently presented to the NSW RTA and they have agreed that the Golf TSI engines should be exempted from the restrictions for P plate drivers."

Although, Mr Gehling also told CarAdvice that:

"This exemption is offered to drivers on an individual basis but we are pleased that the RTA has recognised the Golf TSI engines deliver considerable gains in efficiency and the new Golf provides increased safety for drivers."

In essence, each owner needs to apply for an exemption from the RTA before the vehicle can be legally driven by a probationary license holder.

Victorians are yet to be exempt from the restrictions though. Mr Gehling said that Volkswagen is in the process of meeting with VicRoads, with the aim of reaching a similar agreement to that with the RTA. CarAdvice will keep you posted on the outcome.

If you're anything like us at CarAdvice, you will agree that this blanket ban beggers belief. A P-plater can legally drive a 200kW+ V6 (such as the VW Golf R32 or Toyota Aurion), but they can't set foot in a five-star EuroNCAP rated Volkswagen Golf VI. That's about as clear as mud.