A rich Brazilian businessman condemned for threatening to bury his $400,000-plus Bentley Flying Spur has been revealed as the champion of his country's organ donation awareness campaign in an unexpected PR twist.
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Chiquinho Scarpa earned the ire of the online world last week when he announced on his Facebook page that he planned to entomb his Bentley like a Pharaoh so he could enjoy it in the afterlife.


The hoax included a series of photos of Scarpa digging a Flying Spur-sized hole in his backyard, copping criticism from bewildered online followers who labelled him crazy and suggested the car should instead be sold and the money donated to charity.

The truth was revealed late last week, however, when Scarpa appeared at a press conference for Brazil’s national week of organ donation in front of a banner reading: “It’s absurd to bury something much more valuable than a Bentley: your organs. I am an organ donor. And you?”


To further put his Facebook friends at ease, Scarpa later added to his Facebook page: “I have not buried my car, but everyone thought it absurd when I said I'd do it. It is absurd to bury their bodies, which can save many lives. Nothing is more valuable. Be a donor, tell your family.”