A disgruntled BMW M6 owner has destroyed his $270K-plus luxury sports car in a highly public display of dissatisfaction at the entrance to the Frankfurt motor show.
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Pourmohseni Hadi claims his first-generation 2007 BMW M6 has been plagued with quality issues – including rattles, severe jolts during gear changes and a nauseating ride – since he purchased it in 2008.

Germany’s Bild reports Hadi has taken the 373kW/520Nm 5.0-litre V10-powered coupe to numerous BMW service departments in Italy and wrote a letter to the car maker detailing his problems.

After five years of failed repair jobs and no response to his letter, Hadi literally took matters into his own hands in the form of a sledgehammer – and an axe in the case of his off-sider – in protest of the quality and reliability of his M6 and the lack of customer support shown by BMW.


Though footage of his hammer slinging is now viral across the web, Hadi insists he still has a point to prove.

He plans to have the car fully repaired so he can take it to the Bundestag – Germany’s federal parliament – and destroy it all over again.

The 2007 BMW M6 coupe was priced from $297,400 in Australia when new.