Nissan 360 kicks into gear

The Nissan 360 is on once more, marking only the third time in the company’s history where such an ambitious event has been held.
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The Nissan 360 is an amalgamation of all that Nissan and Infiniti have to offer in one massive media-orientated operation to showcase the best of the Japanese brands.


Over 100 vehicles are made available to the media for test-drives on public roads, off-road tracks and racetrack conditions.

Nissan last held the event in 2008 but this time it has gone further by providing more cars, some of which are basically impossible to test drive anywhere else, such as the Nissan Juke R – of which only four exist in the world.


The event kicked off yesterday with Nissan showcasing its heritage list of cars, which included a Datsun 210 Fuji which in 1958 competed in the around Australia rally (16,000km in 19 days), coming first in its Class A (25th overall).


Other cars, such as the original Silva, GT-R and LeMan racers were on display as well.


But the focus for the event is on the future of Nissan and luxury brand Infiniti as it seeks to transition into its forecasted plan of eight percent global market share by 2016 (currently Nissan sits closer to six percent).

In terms of relevance for Australia, Nissan showcased the new X-Trail, Pathfinder, Altima, facelifted Micra and the soon to arrive Juke.

Nissan Pathfinder

We had the opportunity to drive all these models, as well as the Infiniti Q50, which will go head to head with the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class when it arrives early next year.

The LEAF racecar was also present, as was the Nissan GT-R GT3 racer.


Expect reviews on all vehicles over the coming days, as well as features on the latest technology and innovations to come out of Nissan and Infiniti.

For now, we are asking you what you’d like us to review and what questions you want asked from Nissan and Infiniti executives.