Honda explains its "Exciting" new design language

Honda has officially introduced its new design language, enthusiastically dubbed 'Exciting H Design!!!'.
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First debuted on the all-new third-generation Honda Jazz city car (pictured bottom), Honda says Exciting H Design!!! is to be applied to all its vehicles globally "to promote a more unique character and stronger presence around the world".

Not simply a measure of the Japanese manufacturer's enthusiasm for its new styling direction, the car maker says the three exclamation marks represent three key design factors: innovative spirit; the pursuit of a beautiful body structure and layout; and finely honed surfacing and texture. It categorises the three into 'High Tech', 'High Tension' and 'High Touch' respectively.

Honda Exciting H Design!!! - 2

By incorporating these three factors into exterior and interior design, Honda believes more unique and, you guessed it, "exciting" designs will be realised.

It claims Exciting H Design!!! will manifest itself into exterior cues including its new "solid wing face", a "well-toned" and beautifully proportioned athletic form and "dramatic surfacing".

Inside it will give rise to easy-to-see and -use interface technologies, "sporty and emotional" cockpits and expressive "craftsmanship".

The new Honda Jazz is due to arrive on local shores in 2014.