Renault has released a teaser shot of a concept car due to be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show that is anticipated to preview the next-generation Laguna.
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The sixth car to come out of Renault Design’s lifecycle-based series of concepts, headed by the brand’s chief designer, Laurens van den Acker, the French manufacturer says the new vehicle “embodies its vision of premium motoring”.

Teased in a sole image highlighting only a stylised headlight, the concept is to be dubbed ‘wisdom’ and is expected to give rise to the fourth-generation Renault Laguna.

At last year’s Paris motor show, van den Acker said the company would harmonise its design philosophy between Korean-built Samsung-based products such as Australia’s Renault Latitude with its Euro-designed models. Further, he confirmed that only the Laguna would survive into its next generation, hinting toward an end to the Latitude and a possible local return of the Laguna.

Renault Laguna

Designed around the notion of the human lifecycle, the new concept follows the Twin’Z sub-light hatchback representative of ‘play’, the DeZir sports car concept representative of ‘love’, the Captur compact SUV representative of ‘exploration’, the R-Space mini MPV representative of ‘family’ and the Frendzy small van representative of ‘work’.

Frankfurt will also mark the first time the entire six-car collection has be been on display together under the same roof.

Fittingly, the current third-generation Renault Laguna (pictured above) was originally revealed to the public at the 2007 Frankfurt motor show.