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2010 Lotus Exige S facelift

The styling of the Lotus Exige has remained largely similar for the last few years, with only minor updates applied to the range - mostly for function rather than form.
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To coincide with the Geneva Motor Show, Lotus has unveiled a facelifted version of its Exige S model for 2010.

Lotus has also begun to embrace the inherited efficiency of its lightweight performance range, boasting that it has reduced emissions for the 2010 Exige S to only 199g/km of CO2 with fuel economy improving to just 8.5-litres per 100kms on the combined cycle.

"The lightweight Exige has one of the highest specific power outputs of any globally emissions certified car and 133 hp per litre is a perfect demonstration of Colin Chapman’s philosophy of performance through light weight and of Lotus’ relentless pursuit of efficiency. The same technology that makes a lightweight car a high performer also makes it efficient – how many cars have performance figures of 0–100 km/h in 4.77 secs but produce only 199 g/km CO2” Mike Kimberley, Chief Executive of Group Lotus said.

The exterior enhancements are obvious and serve not only to update the aesthetics of the new model, but to also further improve the functioning aerodynamics of the performance flagship.

2010 Lotus Exige S facelift

Highlights include a redesigned front end with better air flow and an oversized rear wing which reduces drag.

The front end also includes a new aerodynamic splitter below the three new air intakes which has been extended to wrap around the whole front of the car, ending with a lip which deflects air around the tyres to reduce drag.

2010 Lotus Exige S facelift

The rear wing has been adopted from the Exige GT3 concept first shown in Geneva in 2007 and also serves to increase the stiffness of the entire rear structure as well as providing downforce figures of 42 kg at 160 km/h.

Lotus explains that since the Exige S2 was released in 2004, the performance has increased from 142kW through 164kW to finally 179kW in its current guise, with these new exterior features engineered to fully exploit this power.

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