The Duster, partly designed by Renault, is Dacia's first concept car and is on show as a centre piece of the Dacia stand at this year's Geneva Motor Show.
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The concept aims to merge sporty coupe styling on the exterior with the robust and spacious interior characteristics at the core of the Dacia brand.

Designers built the Duster on Renault's B0 entry platform, which is equal in length to the small Logan sedan. The Duster incorporates new elements for low-cost Dacia, including a panoramic glass roof and slim-line front seats.

The car preserves and extends Dacia's traditional use of interior space, with various storage bins incorporated throughout the car, as well as its push for modular seating. On this front, the Duster has been designed for quick conversion from a four-seat "daily driving" configuration to a three-seat "leisure" version offering an additional two cubic meters of storage space, or enough room for hauling a mountain bike, Renault said.