Brilliance Jinbei Automotive says it plans to offer its BS2 model as a competitor to the Volkswagen Golf by undercutting Europe's best selling hatch by some 5,250 euros ($10,315 AUD).
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Brilliance’s importer, HSO Motors Europe, showed a near-production version of the BS2 at the Geneva Motor Show today (pictured above) which it plans to commence selling in Germany by the end of the year.

The starting price on the car will be between around the 10,000 euros ($19,650 AUD) in Germany which is considerably cheaper than the base model Golf which has an entry price of 16,250 euros ($31,930 AUD). This also makes the BS2 cheaper than the current VW Polo which starts at 12,150 euros ($23,900 AUD).

Ironically the BS2 hatch was styled by Italian design house 'Italdesign Giugiaro', who also shaped the first-generation Golf in 1974.

Brilliance also showed a near-production version of the BS4 station wagon and its BS6 sedan. Unfortunately for the brand the BS6 scored poorly on crash tests which stalled European sales.

Brilliance says that independent tests of the BS4 and BS6 show that each would now receive at least a three-star rating from EuroNCAP.

State-owned Brilliance is BMW’s joint venture partner in China. The automaker is based in Shenyang, near China’s border with North Korea.