A stillborn Holden VF Monaro project has been revealed by design company Dsine International.
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Created in secret by two leading Holden designers, Peter Hughes and Simon Gow, in conjunction with Dsine International, the digital rendering of a slick, B-pillar-less two-door version of the VF Commodore was shown via a 360-degree video on Dsine International's Facebook page today.

Holden VF Monaro - 3

"If we could we would!" begins the accompanying blurb for the VF Monaro project.

"This is a concept put together by Dsine International with the help from Simon Gow and Peter Hughes from GMA (Holden) design. It was done after hours and is just a representation of what a VF coupe could look like....."

"We would all love a new Monaro!"

Holden VF Monaro - 2

In addition to the B-pillar-less design, the VF Monaro digital rendering also gets a sleeker C-pillar with a BMW-like Hoffmeister 'kick' rear window line, and a seemingly higher boot line than the regular VF Commodore.

Peter Hughes, currently the exterior design manager at GM Holden, had a hand in styling two other GM coupes, the Chevrolet Camaro and concept Holden VE Coupe 60. He also helped design the third-generation Holden Monaro, and the Holden VT Commodore it was based off.

Holden VF Monaro - 4

On Hughes' LinkedIn page he also cites Dave Kaylor, director at Melbourne-based Dsine International Pty Ltd, and Justin Thomson, design manager at GM, as having a hand in the project, in addition to Simon Gow.

Unfortunately the computer-aided design will never see the light of day, with Holden confirming the next-generation Commodore and Cruze will be built locally from 2016, and the directive from Holden managing director Mike Devereux being that any future Australian-built Holden must be a top 10 seller, all but ruling out a reborn Monaro.