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by Daniel DeGasperi

A stillborn Holden VF Monaro project has been revealed by design company Dsine International.

Created in secret by two leading Holden designers, Peter Hughes and Simon Gow, in conjunction with Dsine International, the digital rendering of a slick, B-pillar-less two-door version of the VF Commodore was shown via a 360-degree video on Dsine International’s Facebook page today.

Holden VF Monaro - 3

“If we could we would!” begins the accompanying blurb for the VF Monaro project.

“This is a concept put together by Dsine International with the help from Simon Gow and Peter Hughes from GMA (Holden) design. It was done after hours and is just a representation of what a VF coupe could look like…..”

“We would all love a new Monaro!”

Holden VF Monaro - 2

In addition to the B-pillar-less design, the VF Monaro digital rendering also gets a sleeker C-pillar with a BMW-like Hoffmeister ‘kick’ rear window line, and a seemingly higher boot line than the regular VF Commodore.

Peter Hughes, currently the exterior design manager at GM Holden, had a hand in styling two other GM coupes, the Chevrolet Camaro and concept Holden VE Coupe 60. He also helped design the third-generation Holden Monaro, and the Holden VT Commodore it was based off.

Holden VF Monaro - 4

On Hughes’ LinkedIn page he also cites Dave Kaylor, director at Melbourne-based Dsine International Pty Ltd, and Justin Thomson, design manager at GM, as having a hand in the project, in addition to Simon Gow.

Unfortunately the computer-aided design will never see the light of day, with Holden confirming the next-generation Commodore and Cruze will be built locally from 2016, and the directive from Holden managing director Mike Devereux being that any future Australian-built Holden must be a top 10 seller, all but ruling out a reborn Monaro.