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Tata Nano Europa

Despite earlier reports that Tata was struggling to bring the Nano to the market, demand for smaller, cheap and city friendly cars is at all time high and with that in mind Tata Motors has unveiled a new version of the Nano minicar specifically designed for the European market. Say hello to the Nano Europa.
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So far Australia is not on the agenda, although Tata chairman Ratan Tata has already confirmed the Europa (sounds a little like a Lotus to us!) will be on sale in mainland Europe (Italy, Spain and Poland) and the UK.

Timing is still uncertain, however the original Tata Nano will see the light of day on the 23rd of this month when it officially gets launched in India.

How exactly does Tata intend to sell a car designed for third-world conditions to Europeans? A few things have changed, it's a little longer (wheelbase 2280mm) and the Indian company has spent a great deal of time improving exterior and interior styling details.

Engine has also been uprated to a more powerful three-cylinder all-aluminium multi-point fuel injection. Power and torque figures are not yet available but Tata proudly states it will be fuel efficient and emit CO2 emission of less than 100 grams per kilometre.

The original Nano made headlines for being the world's cheapest car at under $3,000 AUD. British daily paper, The Times, has said the European version of Nano would be over USD $6,000.

Tata said the decision to build a new version for European markets was because the original "not attractive" for Europeans. The Europa will have airbags, central locking as well as pass Euro V emission tests.