The Opel Monza concept will be powered by a natural gas-assisted extended-range electric drive system when it is unveiled on September 10 at the Frankfurt motor show.
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Based on a modular design that’s said to allow for a variety of “sustainable powertrains”, Opel has revealed that the Monza concept will be displayed with a range-extender hybrid system on board.

Comprising an electric drive unit and a natural gas-powered version of its newly previewed turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder, the German manufacturer says the range extender is a development of the system seen in the Opel Ampera – the sister car to the Holden and Chevrolet Volt.

Opel Monza Concept - 4

Measuring 4690mm long and 1310mm tall, the sleek four-seat Monza Concept features large gull-wing doors that allow simultaneous access to the front and rear seats. As well as providing uninterrupted side vision and making for a cleaner glasshouse, the unique doors make a conventional B-pillar redundant. A 500-litre luggage capacity adds additional practicality.

Following on from the digital display used in the original 1977 Monza, the new concept showcases the latest LED projection technology in what Opel claims is a world first for use in an automobile.

Using the entire dashboard as a single projection surface, 18 LED projectors create a continuous and adaptable 3D multi-function display encompassing both information and decorative elements. Customisable to individual tastes, the graphics cover vehicle and driver information as well as internet and communication options, all while being operational via voice and steering wheel controls.

Opel Monza Concept - 6

With connectivity one of Opel’s main focuses, smartphone integration is key design element of the Monza Concept. Incorporating three “worlds” of connectivity – dubbed 'Me', 'Us' and 'All' – the car allows drivers to focus solely on their driving experience, contact family and friends or connect to the internet. Opel says the Monza’s connectivity technology also previews the company’s interest and development of Car-to-Car and Car-to-X systems – prerequisites, it says, for future autonomous driving, which it says it’s already working on.

Representing “the Opel car of tomorrow”, Opel CEO Dr Karl-Thomas Neumann says the Opel Monza concept is, “nothing less than our vision of the automotive future.”

More details are expected to follow the car’s Frankfurt unveiling.

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