Toyota 86 Convertible not cancelled

Despite recent reports of its cancellation, the Toyota 86 convertible is still under study, according to the car’s chief project engineer.
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Speaking to CarAdvice at the one-year anniversary of the 86’s Australian launch, Tatsuya Tada, the man behind the 86 project and now the upcoming Toyota Supra as well, denied reports that the convertible project had been cancelled.


Late last week industry journal Automotive News reported the model’s cancellation due to its expected high manufacturing cost but Tada appeared unfazed by the question, shaking his head at the suggestion that it had been canned.

Asked what the project status was, Tada told CarAdvice the Toyota 86 convertible was still very much under study.

“I showed [a convertible concept] in Geneva [motor show] and another one [concept] is coming to Tokyo [motor show]” Tada said.


At this stage the project appears to be in a holding pattern with Toyota trying to find a viable business case for the roofless 86. It may still fall through but that decision is not yet finalised.

The issue could potentially be a case of too much success for the Japanese manufacturer, with global demand for the Toyota 86 coupe already outstripping supply, making the production of yet another body type a potentially troublesome exercise.