Subaru BRZ tS STI concept revealed in Japan

The Subaru BRZ tS STI concept has made its public debut in Japan, revealing only cosmetic changes and no engine upgrades.
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Teased earlier this week and still tagged as a concept car, but appearing production ready, the Subaru BRZ tS STI was shown at the ‘86 Style’ event at Fuji Speedway in Japan – a festival that celebrates the original Toyota AE86 and the BRZ's sister car, the 86.

While official details of the car are yet to be released, reports suggest the STI special misses out on a much-anticipated turbocharger and other significant engine performance enhancements.

Subaru BRZ tS STI - 4

Fitted with an array of STI parts intended for the Japanese sports car, the BRZ tS gains a lip spoiler, side skirts and black STI wheels making it look almost identical to the locally released Subaru BRZ S.

The concept does differentiate itself by having a large rear wing mounted to its boot lid, but whether this will remain on production version is not yet known.

Subaru BRZ tS STI - 5

Demonstrated on track at the event, the STI-tuned BRZ is said to be offered in two trim levels: a basic tS and a tS GT Pack variant (pictured). While the tS misses out on the GT Pack’s Recaro front seats and black wheels, both receive special STI badging, updated fog light surrounds and uprated suspension.

Speculation remains as to whether the model will be sold exclusively in Japan, though it’s not expected locally, and leaves enthusiasts still awaiting a more hardcore, ‘full’ BRZ STI model.

Images courtesy of Autoc-One.