Mark Webber won't miss, punch Sebastian Vettel

Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber has said there will be no love lost between Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel and himself when Webber leaves Formula One at the end of this season.
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In an interview with Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, the 'star in a reasonably priced car' confessed he would not miss Vettel after his departure. “Am I going to miss Seb? Probably not. No,” said Webber.

Despite the well known lack of camaraderie between the teammates, Webber did stop short of saying he wanted to hit Vettel.


“My dad always said you shouldn’t hit boys,” Webber told Clarkson, despite the audience’s apparent glee at the suggestion the German driver was going to receive a rather forceful goodbye present.

Webber also spoke with Clarkson about his decision to drive for Porsche from 2014 in the World Endurance Championship.

The interview covered a number of topics, including some of Webber’s more dramatic Formula One crashes, the difficulties faced by Australians living in the UK following recent sporting failures, and the similarities (or otherwise) between Clarkson and Webber’s fitness levels.

In the end, Webber finds out whether or not he posted a faster lap-time around the Top Gear track than Vettel. He sits four places behind his teammate on the Forumala One ladder this season, and seems keen to take any victory that will come his way.