Opel Monza concept: new teaser image released

General Motors is continuing to build anticipation for the Opel Monza concept coupe in the lead up to its unveiling at next month's Frankfurt motor show.
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Opel says the car will visibly express the brand's new design language, catchily titled 'sculptural artistry meets German precision'.

“The Monza concept is our vision of Opel’s future in pure form,” Opel CEO Dr Karl-Thomas Neumann said.

Opel is yet to release any information about the Monza’s drivetrain, however the concept will display innovative efficiency and connectivity “themes” set to inspire future production cars.

Opel, GM’s German subsidiary whose cars have been rebadged around the world as Vauxhalls, Buicks and even Holdens, has some form when it comes to unveiling concept cars at the Frankfurt motor show. In 1965, it became the first European car manufacturer to build and display a concept for public viewing.

The designs of Opel’s concept cars have also often previewed upcoming production cars. The 2003 Opel GTC concept went into production almost unchanged as the 2004 Astra. Opel displayed another GTC concept in 2007, a coupe that looked remarkably similar to the Insignia mid-size sedan that went on sale a year later.

The concept could take life as a modern incarnation of the original Monza or Calibra coupes. A future production version of the Monza won't be sold wearing Opel badges in Australia, however, with the brand confirming the closure of its local operations late last week.