Lucra teases future supercar

American supercar builder Lucra has released the first teaser images of an upcoming project car.
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While few details are known about the new Lucra model, reportedly codenamed the 2.2, the California-based company founded by Luke Richards is known for combining carbonfibre bodywork with large-capacity General Motors and AMG V8 engines.

Whatever the specifics turn out to be, the new Lucra 2.2 is expected to follow the trend of the car marker’s first model, the Lucra LC470 – a sub-1000kg V8-powered roadster claimed to reach triple figures in 2.7 seconds.

Lucra 2.2 - 3

With a front-mid-engine layout and rear-wheel drive, the new roofless Lucra has a low stance, a long bonnet, bludging guards, compact doors and a stubby rear end.

A wide central grille flanked by round fog lights also sits below sinister LED-infused headlights and fore of a side-exit quad-exhaust.

An angular carbonfibre front lip joins prominent side skirts and a rear diffuser made of the same lightweight composite as well as a large performance brake package.

While the company’s philosophy of teaming big power with a lightweight chassis is not unfamiliar to the automotive world, it does often net significantly fast and fun results.

Stay tuned for more images and details.

Lucra 2.2 - 1