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Hyundai i10 & i30 blue concept at MIMS

Hyundai Motor Company will display two examples of its advanced eco-dynamic Blue Drive™ technology at the Melbourne International Motor Show.
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The i10 blue and i30 blue concept cars adopt the company's new Blue Drive™ sub-brand which will be utilised on a global basis for eco-friendly vehicles.

Demonstrating Hyundai's commitment to lowering vehicle CO2 emissions and reducing costs for drivers, the Blue Drive™ package involves revisions to the vehicles' powertrain efficiency, aerodynamics and chassis, to deliver a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Although the Blue Drive™ cars displayed at Melbourne are concept cars, Hyundai will display the first mass production version of its technology at the Geneva Motor Show from 3rd March. The i30 blue will be produced at Hyundai's new Nosovice factory in the Czech Republic.

Production versions of the Blue Drive™ technology will incorporate a number of real-world modifications to further enhance the i30's already-impressive environmental credentials. These improvements are achieved without compromising performance, reliability or driver satisfaction.

Engine efficiency is improved by minimising driveline friction and by utilising high-performance, low-friction engine oil. Also optimised for low emissions and high efficiency is the engine's electronic software, which manages timing, injection pressure and idle speed.

Perhaps the most noticeable change from the driver's perspective is the application of a Hyundai-specific ISG (Idle Stop and Go) technology. This innovation turns the engine off when the car is stationary and the gearbox is then disengaged. The system restarts the engine when the clutch pedal is depressed as the driver selects 1st gear. This application is particularly effective at minimising emissions in slow-moving, urban traffic.

With the 1.6 CRDi turbo-Diesel engine, the regular i30 5 door emits an impressively low 125 g/km CO2. With the i30 blue concept model, this is reduced by 15.2% lowering the CO2 emissions to just 106g/km. This is reflected in an estimated fuel economy figure of 4.1 litres of Diesel per 100 km (standard i30 CRDi production car is 4.7 litres / 100 km).

In Europe, the highly economical 1.1 CRDi turbo-Diesel 5 door i10 already has a very low emission level of just 114 g/km CO2. With the essential elements of Blue Drive™ technology in the i10 blue concept model, this can be reduced to just 95 g/km - a meaningful 17% reduction.

Advances in aerodynamic drag reduction contribute to remarkably low emissions and fuel consumption statistics. Ground clearance is reduced; while under floor covers enhance aerodynamic efficiency.


Externally, the i10 blue concept and i30 blue concept closely resembles the 'standard' cars. Bespoke badging on the rear indicates that the cars belong to the Blue Drive™ technology family.

"These concept cars demonstrate that Hyundai is committed to its environmental and social responsibilities," said Kevin McCann, Hyundai's Director of Sales and Marketing. "The cars on display at are real world examples of how Hyundai is responsibly working towards cars that reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, cut consumption and waste, and preserve resources."

The i10 blue concept and i30 blue concept join the all-new i20 small car and sporty Genesis Coupe on Hyundai's stand at Melbourne.