Holden Astra SRi Turbo 2006 AH MY06

So Holden has kept their promise and is bringing out the brand new Astra SRi. The Holden Astra SRi 2006 (AH M06) will be out later this month (June) and from the looks of it, it is still using the same engine as the old TS SRi generating peak power of 147 kilowatts at 5400rpm and peak torque of 262Nm at 4200rpm. The Astra SRi Turbo has always been a car of mystery to me. I mean, why would you buy it? Despite what Holden says, the SRi Astra is not a performance car what so ever.
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GM Holden Chairman and Managing Director, Denny Mooney, today said SRi Turbo highlighted that the performance side of Holden’s brand was not limited to one size of car or engine.

Astra SRi Turbo is as much a performance leader for Holden as our SS Commodore or Monaro.” Mr Mooney said.

I suppose when you compare the Astra SRi to the SS commodore I would go for the SRi anyday so Mr Mooney is correct in saying the Astra matches the rest of the Holden line up. Fortunately though, the Astra isn't using outdated technology still found in the Commodore range. The Astra features:

18-inch alloy wheels (16-inch steel spare), climate control air conditioning, sports body kit, fog lamps, leather-faced seats, heatable front sports seats, six-stack in-dash Blaupunkt CD player, six airbags, adaptive interactive driving system ( IDS Plus) sports chassis, and a trip computer.

With a fuel usage rating of 9.4 litres/100km, you can't say many bad things about the new Astra SRi Turbo, except, don't buy it! If you want a performance car, buy something else, sure the Astra is cheaper than a Subaru Impreza WRX or a VolksWagen Golf GTI or even a Renault Megane Turbo! but the extra 6-7,000 is well worth it if you are after something with real performance as all those cars offer more in terms of omph and they are not a Holden! If you are after looks, then please, an Astra? Sure its made by Opel, but who actually knows that? Take it from me, Astras don't turn heads, SRi or not. Have a look at the Honda Integra or again the Megane, or if you are little easier on the cash, the new MX-5 is by far the best option.