10 year old drives for 100km

Two children aged 10 and 6 have driven their moms Commodore almost 100km to go see their granddad. Whats more amazing? No one even noticed that they couldn't drive, because they could! Seems like this ten year old in NSW is a better driver than half of QLD drivers!
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"They weren’t all over the road. The callers had just said they had seen a couple of young faces behind the wheel," Sgt Clifford said.

Now you might be thinking, how the heck did a 10 year old reach the pedals to even drive in the first place? No one seems to know, the police think that he might have been standing up since his younger, 6 year old brother was in the passenger seat.

It gets even better with the pair getting pulled over by cops (after being spotted by Truck Drivers who presumably could actually see that the drivers were kids) and they both rushed into the back seat of the car to pretend they were passengers :D

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