Volkswagen Golf makes rubbish getaway car

The new Volkswagen Golf may be the best car in its class, but the latest commercial from the German manufacturer reveals it's ordinary as a getaway car.
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The 45-second ad, simply named ‘The Getaway’, features two men robbing a bank and fleeing in their new Volkswagen Golf.

While the seventh-generation hatchback has the performance to keep the pursuing police at bay, the thieves are foiled by the Volkswagen's City Emergency Brake collision detection system, which stops the car automatically when it perceives a roadblock in its path.


The new commercial comes just days after Volkswagen confirmed the Golf had reached a new production milestone, with the 39-year-old nameplate topping 30 million units.

The latest seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf went on sale in Australia in April. The GTI and GTD performance models are set to follow in the final quarter of this year, with the wagon variant further expanding the line-up in early 2014.