Porsche has stopped production in Germany after floods in the nearby Czech Republic stall the supply of car bodies.
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Production of Porsche Cayenne and Panamera models bound for global markets has been halted as floods in the Czech Republic stall the supply of Cayenne bodies from Bratislava in Slovakia to Germany.

A Porsche spokesperson told industry journal Automotive News that the floods have caused a bottleneck in Cayenne body supply, as bodies for the SUV built in Volkswagen’s Bratislava plant cannot be transported across the Czech Republic to Porsche’s Leipzig plant due to the rising waters.

Panamera Turbo Executive

According to the report, while the supply of Panamera bodies is not affected by the floods, as they are manufactured in Hanover in Germany, the production stoppage will still impact Panamera final assembly in Leipzig, though, pre-assembly work is set to continue.

The company’s spokesperson said Porsche is yet to decide if extended production pauses will be necessary.