Alfa Romeo diesels dominate Bathurst 12 hour

Alfa Romeo has dominated the diesel class cars at this weekend's WPS Bathurst 12 hour race with its 159 JTD (2.4-litre) taking the large category prize and 147 JTD (1.9-litre) coming first in the small diesel category.
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Driven by Kean Booker, Rocco Rinaldo and Alfa Romeo Australia's racing MD, David Stone, the Alfa Romeo 159 JTD completed 208 laps (or nearly 1300kms) of the demanding Bathurst track while the Alfa Romeo 147 JTD piloted by David Filipetto, Nathan Gotch and Wayne Vinckx covered nearly 1000 km during its 156 lap run.
Fuel economy was a strong point in both vehicles, as you'd no doubt expect from a diesel, with the road standard 159 JTD averaging 17.1 litres per 100 km in full race conditions. The 147 JTD managed to shatter this result recording an average of 13.2 l/100 km.

“In the middle of the race there were lots of accidents and these left a lot of debris on the track,” explains driver Kean Booker.

“I was coming down Conrod straight in excess of 210km/h when some of this debris sliced through the front tyre just I was turning into the Chase, the fastest corner on the track. The tyre disintegrated, but thanks to the amazing chassis in the 159, not only was I able to avoid an accident, I managed to get the car back to the pits where out technicians had me back on the track in minutes. Had it not been for this, we would have also done the one race on one set of tyres, as we changed the tyres only as a precaution after the debris problem.”


Servicing was kept to a minimum with both cars reporting no oil use through the duration of the race. Both vehicles also ran the air-conditioner for the entirety of the event.

The 159 JTD also ran standard brakes!

“Once again Alfa Romeo has proven its unique combination of performance and durability on one of the toughest race tracks in the world,” says Mr Stone.

“We look forward to returning next year to make it four years of Bathurst Alfa Romeo success.”