New Chinese automotive brand Qoros has announced it will introduce a cloud-based infotainment service as standard equipment on all its future models.
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Dubbed 'QorosQloud', and developed in collaboration with Microsoft, the system allows drivers to engage with entertainment, navigation, communication, and vehicle monitoring functions connected to the Windows Azure cloud platform via an eight-inch touchscreen that will be fitted to all Qoros models as standard.

Claiming to be the first carmaker in China to bring in-car infotainment services connected to the Windows cloud – publically previewed in China today – to market, the Chinese company says QorosQloud is part of its objective to meet the lifestyle needs of the modern consumer.

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Along with the in-dash touchscreen interface, which replaces the array of standard switches, QorosQloud services can also be accessed via smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC, linking with Windows Azure to connect drivers to navigation and traffic information, social media networks and vehicle data including maintenance and service requirements.

Qoros also claims that QorosQloud is the first infotainment service in the world that allows motorists to select and book dealer services through the car’s in-dash touchscreen.

Microsoft will make its Windows Azure cloud services publicly available in China from June 6.

Qoros, founded in 2007 as an equal joint venture partnership between Chery Automobile and Israel Corporation, revealed its first production model, the Qoros 3 sedan due to launch in China in late 2013, along with two concept cars, at the Geneva motor show earlier this year.