HSV hopeful of exports

HSV is enthusiastic about expanding its export program and says it will consider all approaches from new markets interested in the new Gen-F range.
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HSV marketing and communications general manager Tim Jackson says he sees a lot of potential in the new sports car family and expects it to appeal to global buyers, not just those in Australia.

“We think we’ve made a great car. We think there’ll be some interest from various countries around the world,” Jackson said. “Where there’s interest there’s certainly interest from us.”

Jackson said he would leave announcements of new markets to the importers, however, rather than HSV announce its own export deals.

“If or when that has been confirmed it will be up to the country that’s importing the car to make that announcement,” he said.

“It’s best that it’s a decision for the country that we’re exporting to, and it’s their decision as when to release and announce those things, so we leave it up to them.”

Vauxhall VXR Maloo

HSV continues to sell its E3 series GTS and Maloo (both pictured) in the UK, where it's had a niche presence through sister brand Vauxhall - which applied its sporty VXR branding to the models.

Later this year, Holden will begin shipping left-hand-drive versions of its new VF Commodore to the US where it will be rebadged and sold as the Chevrolet SS performance sedan.

Jackson admitted America’s status as a left-hand-drive market “presents some obvious issues” for the low-volume sports car maker, though he stopped short of completely ruling out a venture into the US market. From a technical and engineering point of view, there is nothing standing in the way of a left-hand-drive HSV.

HSV general manager Phil Harding added it would not be unprecedented for the brand to build the Gen-F in left-hand drive.

“We’re always looking at it,” he said. “We sold quite a few to the Middle East a few years ago, so we’re used to the market. It will be for that market or other markets if and when they choose to announce it as opposed to us announcing it."

HSV admits, however, that the high Australian dollar poses one of its biggest challenges for exports.

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