Honda Australia plans to continue its twin-Accord strategy for at least another 18 months despite the all-new Honda Accord expected to downsize to the medium car segment, which puts it side by side with the Honda Accord Euro.
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Speaking to CarAdvice at the launch of the 2013 Honda Accord, Honda Australia Director, Stephen Collins, said that selling the two models side by side has proven a successful strategy for Honda.

“We think they are slightly different and over the journey of selling two Accords we’ve been very successful.” Collins said.

The previous Honda Accord, which was classified as a large car, sat above the Euro both in terms of size and appeal. The new model still maintains the same interior dimensions but has shrunk by 75mm and will get 85 percent of its volume from the 2.4-litre four-cylinder models – making it a contender for the medium car segment.

Despite that, Collins believes the two cars have completely different buyers groups.

“Clearly we see that the Accord appeals to a bit more mature older type of buyer, little bit more make orientated, where as Euro is a bit younger, and people looking for a more sporty type sedan. For example rear legroom isn’t as important to Accord Euro buyers than Accord buyers.”

The same strategy proved unsuccessful for Hyundai, which recently killed its i45 sedan to concentrate on its smaller, more European focused i40 sedan and wagon.

Honda Australia has sold an average of 200 Accord Euros per month in 2013 and expects to sell 300 large-body Accords when the new model launchs in June.