World's worst parallel parker goes viral

A video of a woman trying to parallel park her car for more than 30 minutes has gone viral, with more than 1.3 million views on YouTube in less than a week.
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Caught on Fitzroy Avenue in Holylands, Belfast, by students Ciaran Doherty and Ciaran Shannon, the woman repeatedly moves in and out of the spot, each time failing to correctly position the car.

Doherty told the BBC he and his friends were watching the failing parking attempt for 15 minutes before even starting to video it.

“I can't believe she couldn't get it in. It could easily have fitted a big people carrier in that space."

Despite being offered help to park the car on several occasions and refusing, the woman

eventually accepts some guidance and completes the manoeuvre to rapturous applause.

In NSW, reverse parallel parking is one of a number of tasks new drivers can be asked to complete during their practical driving test along with parking in a 90-degree and 45-degree parking space, a kerb side stop, a hill start, and a three-point turn.

Watch the clip in full below. Do you struggle with parallel parking?