CarAdvice has had a clear aim since we launched seven years ago – to help buyers find their perfect car with Australia's most thorough reviews.
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We’ve now gone a step further than any other motoring website, however – by enabling buyers to also get a great deal on that car.

CarAdvice // Best Price is our unique solution for buyers who know the vehicle they want, but would prefer to negotiate and purchase anonymously online - and make significant savings.

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To use the service, just select your make and model in our Best Price section. You can choose to calculate a Drive-away price for the vehicle or invite real-time offers from dealers close to your area.

Then via the CarAdvice // Best Price website, you’ll be able to directly compare offers from a range of local dealers, ask them questions about the vehicle on offer and negotiate – still anonymously – all without stepping foot in the dealership.

And not even the $29 up-front service fee is a catch, because it’s completely refunded once you accept an offer from one of your dealers.

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To date, CarAdvice // Best Price has generated average savings of 14 per cent – though some dealers have offered as much as 18 per cent off the drive-away price.

A recent Best Price user saved $7133 on their new Volvo V40 T4 Luxury - paying $43,815 instead of the quoted $50,948 drive-way price.

Laura Jilka from Quakers Hill also recently used CarAdvice // Best Price and saved $2982 on a new Toyota Yaris YRX – paying $22,000 instead of $24,982.

“CarAdvice was awesome. It streamlined the whole new car purchase process,” said Laura. “When I got to the showroom after the deal was made, the salesman was like a normal person – no more sales spin!”

Check out our video below for a quick guide to using Best Price, or simply head directly to the Best Price section to start saving money on your next car.

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