TomTom has previewed its next-generation navigation technology designed to ensure drivers always know the fastest way to their destination regardless of changing traffic conditions.
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The TomTom Commuter concept uses the company's expansive road network and real-time traffic information database to give drivers constantly updated information about the quickest routes between regularly travelled trips.

TomTom Consumer managing director Corinne Vigreux said that while most commuters knew all the different routes to their daily destinations and didn’t believe they needed turn-by-turn navigation, changing traffic conditions meant they could never know for sure which route would be the quickest on any given day.

The Commuter concept provides dynamic estimated time of arrival comparisons at key decision points along the daily commute to continually update drivers with the best route at that moment.

“Many commuters face a daily driving dilemma, never knowing for sure which of their regular routes will be the fastest,” Vigreux said.

“The TomTom Commuter concept will eradicate uncertainty and enable daily drivers to make informed decisions.”

TomTom is yet to announce when the new technology will enter production.